Swatta P, Dmis3 - Products of A New Era for Urhobo Indigenous Rap Music
Swatta P & Dmis3

The Nigerian music industry has no doubt been dominated by artists and rappers from the major ethnicity which includes Yoruba, Igbo, and Hausa.

Yoruba has produced the likes of Olamide, CDQ, Vector, Modenine, Reminisce, etc, while Igbo has the likes of Mr Raw, Slowdogg, Phyno, Zoro, Hype Mc, to mention but few.

Although Hausa has produced few, but Eedris Abdulkareem, Magnito had all made a mark for themselves in the hip-hop/rap music industry in Nigeria.

Despite so many huge talents from the southern part of Nigeria, especially artist of Urhobo origin, do you hardly see or hear indigenous rappers, delivering in Urhobo dialect.

Perhaps the mentality of those investing in the music business ain’t keen on investing in such talents due to the trademark of the major ethnicity.

Maybe talents with such lyrical abilities are yet to be noticed. Or could it be that the Urhobos don’t value their own?

Whatever it may be, every tribe seems to be appreciating their own and the Urhobo entertainers are already taking the bull on the horns.

Shunbebe and especially Erigga has in same vein made a mark for themselves but that’s not enough to write the urhobo language into the book of an industry overpowered by derivatives of the main ethnicity in Nigeria.

Furthermore, of late, we’ve all heard of Otuburu Precious, with the stage name ‘Swatta P.

Swatta P, arguably has been doing great with the Urhobo dialect, not only in singing, but as well raps fluently with the Urhobo language.

One intriguing stuff about ‘Swata P’ is that despite been able to make create an audience within his jurisdiction, he’s ability to drop on bars with typical Urhobo idioms and proverbs makes him an extraordinary indigenous rapper of Urhobo heritage.

He’s single ‘Moyotor’ which signifies ‘bring it down’ is an anthem of an ancestral myth, continuously sang during Eku community, annual festival to acknowledge their deity called ‘Echeroko’, in Ethiope East Local Govt of Delta state.

However, as we look to appreciate Swatta P, the current pendulum seems to swing into the direction of a young lad who’s has been trending on all social media platforms with his rap freestyles. He’s called Dmis3 popularly called ‘Ota Cha’.

‘Eghwubare Oghenevorho Gregory,’ as his real name is an undergraduate of University of Portharcourt (Uniport) studying Pharmacy, who in 2018 released ‘Ota Cha’.

‘Ota Cha’ is indeed a love song that didnt gained much grounds due to lack of means to promote the single. But not until the lock-down period, the song begins to gain its acceptance.

In ‘Ota Cha’, and his freestyles of late have changed the mindset of some aborigines of urhobo who lack self-confidence in speaking the language especially the ones in the diaspora.

Many long before now have questioned the possibilities of urhobo music artist and entertainers to sing and mostly rap in urhobo outside traditional urhobo music personalities like Chief Luck Adjan, Chief Sally Young, Nathaniel Oruma etc.

But the emergence of Dmis3 flows with flair of his mother tongue has no doubt defile such mentality due to the lyrical prowess that carries the character of weighty punchlines, catchy word plays refreshed with poetry and comic substance with the Urhobo dialect.

In other words, the productivity in ‘Swatta P’ and ‘Dmis3’ currently defines a new era which the Urhobo nations now having a reasons of prestige to brag about out as long as the music and entertainment industry is concerned, recalling the antecedents of Mike Okri, Chris Okotie, and as well Chief Sally Young.

Therefore adding the urhobo language into the world map of the music and rap industry dominated by the aforementioned majority groups in Nigeria.

By Mudiaga

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