"Comedy started with the Urhobo's during the time of slavery" - Alibaba

Popular Nigerian comedian Alibaba has recounted how comedy started with the Urhobo’s, including other ethnicities within the South-south geopolitical region of Nigeria.

Alibaba who’s regarded as the ancestor of Nigerian comedy made this narration on Sunday 13th December 2020 at “Whalemouth Home Coming Concert,” which was held at Dome Event Center, Ughelli, Delta State.

According to Alibaba, he said during the era of slavery; the issue of communication was a great challenge amongst the blacks that were been enslaved.

In his statement, the style of communicating, and pigments amongst themselves sound so unique and funny to the whites.

“Hence so appear funny, the whites decide to disguise themselves to a black nature to appear funny”.

“In other words comedy in Nigeria started with the Urhobos and that’s why you find personalities of the Urhobo’s dominating in the comedy industry.”

By Mudiaga

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