Fast-rising Urhobo Comedian, MC Spreadmouth wins Comedian of the Year

Popular Urhobo Comedian, Arhagba Joseph Aghogho, generally called MC Spreadmouth has begun the year remarkably with an award of the best comedian of the year.

The award event which was organized by Rowsquare Media Award Concept; saw the Delta-based fast-rising comedian wins the category of the best comedian of the year due to his outstanding performers in the year review.

Furthermore, this happens to be the first edition of the award which took place at the Uzebu town hall, Ekewan, Benin city, Edo state, on Sunday 10th January 2021.

According to MC Spreadmouth, the statement reads;

This is making it the second time I am receiving the award as the best comedian. So I want to especially thank God for always being there for me…”

“My appreciation also goes to the square media concept for the recognition and also to all my fans; thanks for believing in me and I owe you’ll a lot.”

“This is just the beginning and I want more are still coming…”

“Thanks for supporting my brand… And lastly thanks to my family for getting my back always………………. U all are so loved,” he said.

By Mudiaga

5 thoughts on “Fast-rising Urhobo Comedian, ‘MC Spreadmouth wins Comedian of the Year”
  1. Wow !
    Spread mouth deserves the award cause he has devoted his time to comedy and he’s good at it
    Just keep doing more and very soon you’re be our next king of comedy

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