Just In: "We don't need more Universities in Nigeria" - Prof Eghagha Tells FG

Former Delta Commissioner for Higher Education, Prof Hope Rukky Eghagha has advised the federal government of Nigeria that the nation doesn’t need more universities.

Prof Eghagha in a tweet said, Nigeria doesn’t need extra universities rather, the nation needs more factories, industries to create more job opportunities.

His statement reads below;

“We do not need more universities in Nigeria. Just maintain existing ones. We need more factories/industries to create employment!”

In the same breath, Professor Eghagha also advised all Polytechnics in Nigeria to return to their original mandate-producing skilled labor for the economy.

In his statement he said;

“Polytechnics in Nigeria should return to their original mandate- producing skilled labor for the economy. They do not need diplomas in Mass Comm or Marketing. Train graduates to be skilled and independent”

By Mudiaga

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