The All Progressive Congress (APC) Ethiope East Chairmanship flag bearer, Hon. Voke Ighorodje has insisted that PDP doesn’t have a lawful candidate to contest the forthcoming council’s election.

Mr. Ighorodje made this statement on Tuesday 23rd February 2021, as he and his campaign team led by Chief Julius Ogboru stormed his residence at Okpara Water-side.

Speaking to EthiopeMedia; Ighorodje debunked the general saying that the election is done deal for the opposition.

“He said DESIEC is not under the state government, it means Delta State Independence Electoral Commission, although people say that’s on paper because the commission is still subjected to the control of the governor.”

“But one thing people must know that PDP doesn’t have a chairmanship candidate in Ethiope East.”

According to Voke, the only candidate that we know in PDP is Comrade Augustine Ogedegbe who was wrongly and illegally substituted after the expiration of the date of substitution of candidates by DESIEC.

He explained that in the eyes of the law, PDP doesn’t have a candidate, Hon Victor Ofobrukueta is not known by the law as a candidate. That’s to show that already before the election APC has won.

Ovoke also said, his mission as chairman is to drive traffic in Ethiope East.

His statement reads below;

First, if you look at Ethiope East, it only has one major city, which is Abraka. So the first mission is to drive traffic to the region.

“I want to drive people to Ethiope East, that’s you can stay in Ethiope East and work in Warri, Effurun...

Almost everytime i’m driving to Ethiope East, I carry a lot of Ethiope East civil servant who stays in Warri and Effurun.”

“I want to change this trend, I want people that are working in Ethiope East to stay in Ethiop East and even people that are working outside too as well to stay.”

“I intend to achieve this by ensuring that there is infrastructural development, we would do this by a way of reforming the direct labor agency.

I have a bill that I will submit and I will pass in my first 100 days.”

Which is, direct labor agency reform bill and that reform bill will set up a company called the ‘River Ethiope Development Company’ (Red Sea), and the ‘Red Sea’ will be a privately owned company that will work with the direct labor agency to develop infrastructure in Ethiope East.

“I will also walk with the Ethiope East Chamber of Commerce and industry for them to organize and train people to know how to grow business because another key component of our objective is wealth creation.

“On wealth creation, we’re not going to task people, petty traders by collecting money from them.

“We will generate business which will lead to the second bill I pass in my next 100 days, which is the Waste Management Reform Bill…”

“The bill Waste Management Reform Bill will create clusters of waste deposits that we will use to convert waste to wealth.”

“We also have lots of initiatives like human carriage development by having clusters of artisans, bricklayers, welders in different major communities that we would have their name and document them.”

“My administration will not rely on allocation rather it will be used for social projects, as I intend to run Ethiope East as a company and I will be the CEO, he said.

He also as well appealed to many leaders he’s yet to consult with, and as well called on everyone to come on March 6th, to vote massively for APC.

By Mudiaga

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