'The Anglican Youth Fellowship (AYF) has been Bastardized' - Frank Igben

Pastor Frank Igben of the Anglican communion has said the Youths mainly in Anglican has been bastardized, bruised, & have passed through hard suffering & torture.

Pastor Frank made this assertion yesterday, 13/09/2020 while ministry in a topic tagged “Godliness with Contentment” in a youth week program organized by the Anglican Youth Fellowship, Agbon archdeaconry council held at St John’s Anglican Church, Okpara Inland Ethiope East Local Government, Delta State.

In his message, the defines Godliness as God’s controlled life, driven by the fear and reverence of God. He also added that the fear is an application of wisdom in the right direction.

According to Frank, wisdom is applying the right knowledge in the right path.

Therefore, people can be so knowledgeable about the scripture but are not Godly. Thus, applying the word of God in the right direction is strictly Godliness.

He further revealed that Christ is the wisdom of God. So, one can not qualify itself as Godly, if Christ doesn’t dictate your life.

The man of God also said, at a point, in the Church, people sing songs, act and as well dress in all manners that were Godly.

But currently, that Godly standard has been compromised because the application of the ‘fear and reference of God driven by Christ’ has been compromised.

However, when Paul said, “Godliness with contentment is great gain.” Paul was eventually talking about a subjective definition of the word contentment.

In other words, ‘Contentment’ in this contest becomes subjective to the qualification in which it is used. He added that a ‘yahoo boy’ for instance can acquire a car and be contented.

So, ‘Godliness and contentment’ by Paul simply mean been satisfied in the Godly part an individual has chosen, and that’s why Paul insisted that “If I die, is gain”, Pastor Frank concluded.

By Mudiaga

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