LG Poll: PDP & APC Opens Up Erratic Battle To Be Officiated By DESIEC

The year 2020 was just a remarkable year that generations to come will have to be told of the unfolded event counting from the dreaded Covid-19 lockdown, Endars protest, looting, Lekki massacre, etc.

Hence, here comes the new year, that every character wished and prayed for a quick entering due to obsession, pessimism, and the dark effect of 2020 which is hard tune altered too many planned events and programs.

Furthermore, to Ethiope Easterners year 2021, could replay and unfold an event amongst the political gladiators as the general chairmanship and Councilorship election draws near.

Unlike the previous episode of this matter, the game seems to have changed its pattern against the odd of the general saying by the masses, political neophyte, and the ignoramus that the election is done deal.

Of course, long before this time, council election has always been dominated by the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) which is the ruling party across the state.

Perhaps, because the election is not been supervised directly by the Independent Electoral Commission(INEC) rather by Delta State Independence Electoral Commission (DSIEC).

Hence, the election is been stage-managed by any sitting governors at that point in time. So, the administration of the ruling party always do all, to manipulate every of the election process to their favor.

The election of 2019 that brought about the just outgoing chairman of the Ethiope East local government, Hon (Chief) Mrs. Faith Majemite, and all ex-councilors across the council further gave a clearer picture.

But today, it is expected that the pendulum will still swing in the same direction of PDP the ruling party, as long as the election will be governed by DSIEC.

Furthermore, based on past antecedents of every governor by PDP, the chances of every council’s election looks slimmer as the individual at the helm of the state display less energy to juggle the LG elections in their favor since they don’t have any individual interest then.

Again, that history could replay itself especially as there’s an increase in political awareness and strategies of manipulating elections to individual favor.


For a very long time, you hardly see political parties campaigning massively during the era of LG council elections, but this time around might experience a different ball game. No party is taking chances as they opt to do the needful.

PDP this time came up with a solid campaign team headed by the top political class from the locality.

A situation whereby same time at the party level, the flag bearer didn’t even consult leaders within their party not to think of campaigning, across the LGA.

APC on the other hand controversially pulled out of the election less than 24 hours to election for technical and political reasons.

In other words, the election is indeed going to be a serious match that’s to be officiated by DSIEC.

Thus, the mindset that the election is a done deal for the ruling party remains a misery, despite people still believing that the elected officials are still subjected to the governor who of course is the leader of the ruling party.

But, the question running through the mind of political forecasters, pundits, and analysts must ponder on these two trends.

First, why is PDP at this point, investing much time and energy on sensitization and conviction moving from wards upon wards, including units across the local government council within the state?

Secondly, why is the opposition of the ruling party not backing out despite DSIEC, still been the body to oversee the electoral process?

This is a poser to every character to respond to, as long as concerns Ethiope East LG politics.

Hence, One still keeps wondering what’s even the brain behind, the force, and momentum, of the APC towards this election.


The inactive and lackadaisical approach of every governors of previous administration headed by PDP has arguably seen the APC and other parties win elections, especially in Ethiope East.

There’s this hint that past governors endorses and as well manipulates every LG elections, in favor of their owned party as tactical move ahead of their personal ambition for a second tenure.

In the same vein, after a successful fulfilment of that noble course, psychologically always gives birth to weaker approach for a second phase of an election like this probably becuasea the individuals at the top don’t have much to lose.

Logically, from the test of times, I think APC and every other party could take responsibility of this loopholes as a huge motivation to battle the election to the end.


Just after Mr. Augustine Ogedegbe was endorsed by hierarchy of PDP as flag bearer, others within the party had a different point of view as he was controversially substituted for Hon Pham Victor Ofobrukueta.


Sequel to Augustine Ogedegbe’s removal as the PDP LG council chairmanship frontrunner, talks have been making the rounds that PDP doesn’t have a candidate to contest tomorrow, Saturday 6th March 2021 election.

This report eventually became a reality, not until Hon Voke Ighorodje – APC chairmanship flag bearer, recently revealed.

According to Ighorodje, he alleged that “PDP doesn’t have a candidate by law.”

“He claimed that Ogedegbe is the only candidate duly recognized by DSIEC because the time of substitution of candidates by the electoral body had elapsed at the time the so-called substitution of their candidacy was made by PDP.”

An allegation, in which the former Ethiope East chairman Chief (Hon) Mrs. Faith Majemite, tagged as an antics and gimmick of the APC, to gain cheap attention towards the election.

Even the PDP Delta state chairman Hon Kingsley Esiso, according to a close source has said that the issue is under control, adding that there’s no cause for fear.

In conclusion, from the examinations of both major parties ahead of the election, is obvious that Ethiope East will be observing visible election whether is still going to be overseen by DSIEC.

Irrespective of both party’s tactics and approaches to winning the election, it is expected we should expect a free and fair election including a violent free election.

Similarly, be as it may, the outcome and the credibility of the election still falls on the electoral officiator, which happens to be DSIEC.

By Mudiaga

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